Strategic approach , Creative Design & Development , Effective Marketing and everything in between.


We are a full-service design, development and advertising firm committed to build and position brands along with maximizing the exposure and results for our clients.


Paper bag advertising

A unique advertising medium where ads and offers are printed on paper bags and strategically distributed to targeted locations. The advertiser gets to advertise on an effective medium, the retailers gets free paper bags to give their customers, Consumer gets free paper bags with ads and offers, keeping all three in a win - win situation.

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Reusable Notebooks

Inkinite is carefully crafted and designed for your daily use. Unlike traditional notebooks, Inkinite notebook has pages that are made up of a unique erasable sheets. With our special Inkinite markers or any dry erase marker, you can easily write on these re writable sheets and erase it of without leaving any smudges or residue.

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Branding solutions

At Adept Creative Lab we provide all kinds of creative services required for a brand / business for a successful brand establishment. Everything from Brand research, logo design, corporate identity, marketing creatives, marketing research & solutions etc., to reach the end user effectively and create a unique position in their respective industry.

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Software solutions

At Adept Tech Solutions we provide various software requirements everything from web design till optimization & marketing of the company. We handle development across various web platform suitable for the requirements of the clients. We even take care of SEO, SEM, SMO and everything in between for a perfect web presence & ranking of the brand.

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Our Mission

We Drive our client's growth with our collective expertise across various domains and experience acquired over a period of time.

Adept Creative Lab

At Adept Creative Lab we provide all kinds of creative services required for a brand / business for a successful brand development.

Brand Development

Analysis and planning on how the brand is perceived in the market.

Corporate Identity

Everything from logo design, letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, etc.

Branding collateral

Collective media to promote the brand and support the sales and marketing of a product or service.

Marketing Creatives

Solution for any brand / service with a creative marketing approach to reach the end user.

Market research

Providing data by research to help solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face.


Professional photography service for any brand / product.

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don't have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”

~ Steve Jobs

Adept Tech Solutions

At Adept Tech Solutions we provide various software requirements everything from web design till optimization & marketing of the company.

Web Design & Development

Design and development of a website for your brand.


E-commerce solution for any online store with suitable platform.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing website for fast loading and higher search engine ranking.

Search Engine Marketing

Paid marketing for search engines using Google adwords.

Social Media Optimization

Creating brand establishment across various social media networks.

Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness across social media with regular updates and maintenance.

We strive to provide an excellent service in terms of quality of work, timely delivery, professional behavior, customer service and value for money.


We are proud to present some of our latest work. We do everything from design, development, marketing, graphics, maintenance & everything in between.
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Bite A Roll

Design / Brand Development

Logo design & brand development for bite-a-roll fast food chain brand in Bangalore, India.

Adbags Concept

Design / Marketing

Adbag concept, advertising on paper bags as a marketing medium for more efficient reach to end users. Know more at

Inkinite Poster

Design / Artwork

Marketing promotional poster for inkinite, a reusable notebook brand. Click here to read more about inkinite.


Design / Poster / Photography

Poster design, product photography ans marketing collateral for Homechef, a premium basmati rice brand - a product of globexindia pvt ltd.

Nandy & Joy

Design / Brand Development

Brand Development, Corporate Identity & Responsive Website design for Nandy & Joy HR consultancy pvt ltd in Bangalore, India.


Design / Website Design

Website Design for miBEAT - Biomedical Engineering Application Toolkit, an open source diy medical grade kit. Check

London Desserts

Design / Website Development

Brand Development and webdesign for ice cream specialty shop 'London Desserts' based in bangalore.


Design / Artwork

Creative poster design for inkinite, the reusable notebook. The concept was to convey that usage of inkinite notebooks helps save trees.

OneFleet Brochure

Design / Brochure

Bi Fold A4 Brochure design for onefleet, a software technology startup by Glydel Tech Pvt. Ltd..

Adbags Paper Covers

Design / Marketing

Advertising on paper covers as a marketing strategy and distributing to retailers for free of cost. Know more at

Gridline Entertainment

Design / Webdesign

Website design and development for Gridline Entertainment, an event management company based in Bangalore.


Design / Marketing

Pre launch landscape brochure design for brindaavana township by JK developers.

NJ Infrastructures

Design / Brand Development

Logo Design and Corporate identity design for NJ Infrastructures, a civil construction company based in bangalore.

Homechef brochure

Design / Marketing

Two fold A4 Brochure Design for Homechef, a premium basmati rice brand - a product of globexindia pvt ltd..

Poster Design

Design / Artwork

Photography and poster design for inkinite promotion, poster concept was to convey the message to stop excess usage of paper and deforestation.

Divine Wings

Design / Brand Development

Logo Design for Divine Wings, an auditing company based in bangalore, India.


Design / Logo Design

Logo Design for Rejag Technologies, a software technology startup based in bangalore.


Design / Brand Development

Brand Development & Web design for inkinite, the reusable notebook brand.


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